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The Value of Inherent Soil Characteristics: A Hedonic Analysis

The Value of Inherent Soil Characteristics: A Hedonic Analysis: "

Abstract: In an attempt to value soil natural capital, we use the inherent characteristics of soil and land valuation data to examine the relationship between soil characteristics and rural farmland values in the 6000ks2 Manawatu catchment in New Zealand. The study applies a hedonic pricing method to determine if the value of ‘critical’ inherent characteristics of soils are reflected in land values. We find empirical evidence that the examined characteristics of soil natural capital stock, e.g., particle size, drainage, potential rooting depth and profile available water, are in fact reflected in rural land values.


Farmland with loamy soil particles size is valued on average 8% and 29% more than farmland with sandy and skeletal soil particle size classes.... Imperfectly drained soils appear to have a lower value compared with well drained soils.


by Oshadhi Samarasinghe 1 and Suzie Greenhalgh, both of Land Care Research Manaaki Whenua, Auckland, New Zealand

AgEconSearch via REPEC Research Papers in Economics

Issue Date: August, 2010

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