Friday, November 23, 2012

Call for Papers - The Fifth Annual Conference of the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis: Increasing the Utility of Benefit-Cost Analysis

February 21–22, 2013 
at the
FHI360 Conference Center 
1825 Connecticut Ave., NW, 8th Floor 
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 884-8279
Abstracts due November 30, 2012

The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis promotes the development and appropriate application of benefit-cost analysis to a broad range of public policy issues. In 2013, the fifth annual conference and meeting will continue to focus on the practical use of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) in a variety of institutional and national settings. The Society welcomes abstracts and panel proposals on any topic related to improving the use of benefit-cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, risk-benefit analysis, applied welfare economics, and damage assessment in policy settings, from scholars, practitioners, and others interested in these areas who wish to present research at the conference. Submit your abstract online now at  Some examples of areas of interest including the following:
- Developing innovative analytic tools and testing their application in case studies
- Extending the use of BCA to new policy areas
- Improving the use BCA in decision making
- Interpreting research on happiness and life-satisfaction within the BCA framework
- Addressing the implications of behavioral economics for prediction and valuation
- Developing principles and standards for BCA
- Predicting costs and benefits and assessing distributional impacts
- Incorporating moral sentiments and equity considerations into BCA
- Considering the use of retrospective BCA in program evaluation and policy analysis
- Assessing the use of BCA in practice in the U.S. and other countries
- Communicating analytic results effectively
- Estimating shadow prices of potentially general use in BCA
Abstracts should be 200–300 words in length and provide adequate detail on the content of the research. Proposals for panels that include three to four speakers are also welcome, and should include a summary of the overall focus of the panel as well as a 200–300 word abstract for each presentation. Note that the program committee reserves the right to select the panel abstracts and to reorganize the panels as needed. Submission of a paper/panel is viewed as a firm commitment to participate in the conference if accepted.

Entries received after November 30, 2012, are not guaranteed consideration by the program committee.

For more information about the annual conference or the Society in general, please visit or contact

2013 Conference Program CommitteeDavid Weimer, Coordinator (University of Wisconsin), Joseph Cordes (The George Washington University), Lisa Robinson (Independent Consultant), Trudy Ann Cameron (University of Oregon), Clark Nardinelli (FDA), Kip Viscusi (Vanderbilt)
Society for Benefit Cost Analysis (SBCA)

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