Saturday, July 1, 2017

San Francisco International Airport uses insights from Autocase to convert "Triple Bottom Line" from Aspiration to Reality on $2.4B Renovation

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is undergoing a $2.4 billion renovation of Terminal 1 in order to add capacity at one of the busiest U.S. airports and one of the fastest growing in the world. The designs for that renovation are being informed by Autocase®, a brand new software tool that automates "Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL- CBA)" for buildings and sites.

"We have set ambitious goals to excel in passenger experience and health and to meet California's net zero energy requirements," said San Francisco International Airport's Chief Development Officer, Geoff Neumayr. "To do so, we needed to simulate and compare the impacts of possible investments in different building elements, from green roofs to dynamic window glazing to motorized windows to geothermal heat pumps. But I wanted to see those impacts in dollars and cents, and to feel assured we knew how they would affect our 53 million annual passengers and 30,000 employees."
So SFO required that their Design-Build teams, some of the best in the world like Austin Webcor Joint Venture + HKS/WB/ED2/KYA, evaluate each design element through a "comprehensive business case analysis" inclusive of "costs and benefits for all three bottom lines – financial, social, and environmental." "To begin with, together with the Autocase team, we assessed 6 possible design features for Boarding Area B," said Raphael Sperry of Arup, one of the key consultants on the project. "The green roof had a particularly compelling Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL- CBA) - of $5 million over a 50-year timespan, supporting its inclusion in the project. In contrast, the ROI for the ground source heat pump was negative financially (TBL-CBA of -$5.23 million), and the analysis showed that level of investment was not outweighed by its environmental and social benefits. While ground source is an attractive technology, it's not appropriate for every project, and this allowed us to put our resources where they will have a bigger overall impact."

Green Roof
Heating &
Ground Source
Heat Pump
Lifecycle Financial NPV
Social & Environmental NPV
Triple Bottom Line NPV
All figures in millions of US$
Press Release dated June 19, 2017

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