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AT&T Implemented 4,200 Energy Efficiency Projects in 2010 Resulting in an Annualized Energy Savings of $44 Million
On March 3, 2011 AT&T announced that it realized $44 million in annualized energy savings as a result of implementing 4,200 energy efficiency projects at AT&T facilities in 2010. Examples of the energy efficiency projects include:

  1. Replaced tower light controllers and incandescent bulbs with LEDs at over 1,100 cell sites.
  2. As part of ongoing network upgrades, removed switches at 11 central office sites in 2010, thus cutting power consumption across the network by more than 300,000 kilowatt hours.
  3. Deployed desktop power management software on 169,000 computers generating a total estimated annualized savings of $614,000.
This past year AT&T launched a comprehensive online energy management training program for AT&T corporate real estate managers. In 2008, AT&T established an energy intensity metric based on kWh per terabyte of data carried on their network and set a goal for 2009 to reduce that intensity by 15 percent. In 2009, AT&T achieved a 23.8 percent decrease in energy intensity using 498 kWh per terabyte of data carried on their network. For 2010, AT&T set a goal to further reduce energy intensity by an additional 15 percent as compared with 2009’s KWh per terabyte of data figure.

Also in 2009 AT&T rolled out a comprehensive Energy Scorecard, which is used to grade energy performance at each of AT&T’s 500 top energy-consuming facilities. The Scorecard tracks data, sets goals and actually awards scores based on the real estate managers’ energy performance. AT&T real Estate managers identified many of the 4,200 energy related projects implemented over the last year.
In 2010, AT&T participated in the EDF Climate Corps program, an initiative launched by Environmental Defense Fund to help leading companies shave operational costs and reduce emissions by identifying large-scale energy efficiency opportunities. “AT&T is on the right path by aggressively exploring ways to reduce energy consumption,” said Victoria Mills of EDF. “Through our Climate Corps program, we were able to help AT&T identify a potential savings of 80% in electricity usage associated with lighting use across more than 100 million square feet of space. This underscores that a compelling business case for energy efficiency can be made at any company.'

AT&T ... was recently added to Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 12th Annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens List. AT&T was also included in the 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index (DJSI) and in Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) 2010 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI.) Visit and to learn more about sustainability at AT&T. Also visit to download the AT&T’s Citizenship & Sustainability Reports.

Press Release dated March 03, 2011
Via/Hat Tip Environmental News Network  and Triple Pundit

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