Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First real-time wind asset valuation tool - WVAL - Now available

Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a global clean energy, water, power and carbon market specialist, and 3TIER, a world leader in renewable energy risk analysis, today announced the launch of the world’s first real-time, interactive wind asset valuation tool. WVAL enables investors to value more than 3,400 wind projects around the world at the click of a button, using the most up-to-date tariff, turbine and wind resource data in the world.

"WVAL brings groundbreaking transparency to the world of wind project valuation" said William Young, Chief of Staff at Bloomberg New Energy Finance in London. "Combining BNEF's financial, economic and market data with 3TIER's long term wind resource information we have created a platform for our clients to evaluate wind projects quickly, efficiently, consistently and with confidence."

“The majority of the financial community which does not have access to detailed, long-term production data from wind projects, so WVAL represents a significant leap forward in initial wind project analysis,” said Michael Grundmeyer, 3TIER Vice President of Business Development. “It permits robust scenario analysis, based on the best-of-breed wind and market data, without the need for privileged access to the project’s historic production data.”

WVAL brings together datasets critical to the valuation of wind assets:
1. Bloomberg New Energy Finance wind project & wind turbine databases
2. 3TIER wind resource data
3. Bloomberg New Energy Finance Wind Turbine Price Index
4. Bloomberg New Energy Finance's Low Carbon Policy database
5. Bloomberg electricity market price and inflation data

There are two ways to access the model by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Wind Insight clients at http://www.bnef.com/Wval or Bloomberg Professional clients at WVAL GO .

To give an example, the Enel Salbatica I wind farm is located in southwest Romania, near the port city of Tulcea which is some 65km (40 miles) up the Danube from the Black Sea. The 30-megawatt facility generates power from 15 turbines made by Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica SA. It belongs to Enel Green Power and started generating electricity in January 2011.

To value the project, simply go to http://www.bnef.com/Wval, enter “ENEL” in the instant search filter, and click on Enel Salbatica I Wind Farm.

WVAL uses the latitude and longitude of the project to tap an hourly wind-speed time series data set derived from a comprehensive weather model provided by 3TIER . To view the wind-speed profile for the Enel project, click on the "Wind Profile" tab. The WVAL model then calculates the expected annual power generation for the location based on the wind data and BNEF’s proprietary database of wind turbines and their performance characteristics.

Click on the CAPEX/OPEX button in the Model Inputs to compare the effects of using different turbine, or making different assumptions about turbine price, technical availability and operating life.

To learn more about this offering, please visit http://www.bnef.com/markets/renewable-energy/wind/

Bloomberg New Energy Finance http://bnef.com
Press Release dated September 29, 2011

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