Sunday, December 11, 2011

New water heating system improves quality of life, reduces energy consumption
BAMBERG, Germany -- The quality of life has improved for some community members this month with the implementation of hot water tanks here at Warner Barracks.

After four months of construction, 18 hot water tanks have been installed in 35 housing units. For more than 20 years, hot water was produced at the central heating plant located behind the Shopette. Hot water was then pumped in a 900-meter circle through Upper Beech Way and Sycamore Alley.

"Now every house on Upper Beech Way and Sycamore Alley has their own hot water tank," said Dieter Gerber, chief of the Operation and Maintenance Division for the Directorate of Public Works. "This leads to less energy consumption and a better water quality for drinking because we don't have to pump around all the water."

The old system consumed more energy during the production and transfer of hot water.

"There were heat losses because of the long pipelines," Gerber said. "With the circulation of the water, we had to pump a lot of water all day long in the summer and winter time, so this will save a lot of energy." ...
"We expect that it will save us, on the electrical side, $15,000 a year," Gerber said.

By Ms Sina Kingsbury (USAREUR)
U.S. Army
December 1, 2011

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