Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Water Heater Energy Savings

When Puget Sound Energy consumers buy the new GE® GeoSpring™ Hybrid Water Heater, they may be eligible to apply for a $500 rebate, reducing the cost to purchase the water heater. The estimated retail price for GeoSpring is $1,199-$1,299.  The ENERGY STAR®-qualified water heater saves up to $325 per year on utility bills, which means the GeoSpring quickly pays for itself, based on DOE test procedure and comparison of a 50-gallon standard electric tank water heater using 4879 kWh every year vs. the GeoSpring hybrid water heater using 1830 kWh every year.

In Orlando the rebate from the Orlando Utility Commission is $650 and in Eastern Pennsylvania it is $300 from PPL Electrical Utilities.

Over 10 years, this savings can add up to more than $3,000 that can be used toward a vacation, a shopping spree, a home improvement or a rainy-day fund rather than going into the utility bill.

“Many consumers are unaware that the water heater is the second biggest energy user in the home behind the HVAC system,” said Keith Burkhardt, marketing manager for GE Appliances. “Through this rebate program, money is saved on both the product purchase and on utility bills—money the family can spend on something more enjoyable.”
The GeoSpring’s hybrid technology is designed to absorb heat in ambient air and transfer it into the water. Since this uses much less energy than what’s needed to generate radiant heat—as used in a conventional electric tank water heater—the GeoSpring is more economical to operate.

Other features of the GeoSpring:
  • Includes same water and electrical connections as the standard electric water heater, making it easy to install.
  • Provides the same amount of hot water as traditional 50-gallon standard electric water heaters.
  • Integrated electronics on the GeoSpring’s control panel offer exclusive features, such as Vacation mode, which will lower the water temperature to 50 degrees for the duration of a trip, and then automatically reenergize itself the day before the homeowner’s return.
  • Offers additional control over water temperature by allowing consumers to adjust the temperature setting in one-degree increments from 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
As an added convenience to simplify the shopping experience, GE Appliances’ new Rebate Finder easily allows consumers to see rebates by appliance model that may be available in their area. From, simply enter your zip code and select Water Heaters in the product field to view rebate details and submit.

Assembly of the new GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heaters started in February in Louisville, Ky. GeoSpring is available at national retailers such as Lowe's and Sears and national plumbing distributors such as Ferguson, as well as many local retailers and distributors. For more information on features and availability, visit 

GE Appliances 
Press Releases dated May 22, 2012 and May 30, 2012

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