Monday, March 18, 2013

Rooms To Go Completes LED Lighting Conversion Project

Rooms To Go ... has recently completed an effort initiated in 2010 to convert 115 of its retail stores to LED lighting. The switch to energy efficient 16-18 watt LED track lamps from the 60 watt halogen track lamps previously in use by the retailer has resulted in an average overall store energy savings of 35-45 percent with a project investment payback in less than 12 months.

In addition to the significant reduction in energy usage from the switch to LED lighting alone, Rooms To Go has also been able to further reduce energy consumption by selecting a wider optical beam-spread for the LED lamps, using a 25 degree angle instead of the 12 degree angle employed for the halogen lamps. This change has not only provided a more even lighting effect but has allowed Rooms To Go to decrease the number of lamps per store by as much as 10 percent, resulting in further energy savings. And since the LED lamps produce less heat, a decrease in air-conditioning demand has contributed to increased energy efficiency as well.
Proving that a commitment to energy efficiency doesn't have to be costly, Rooms To Go engaged Real Win Win, an energy management company, to assist the company with taking advantage of utility rebate incentive programs to help cover the initial cost of switching to LED lighting. Using Energy Star Certified LED lamps, provided by Philips and MSI, assisted greatly in the rebate application process. By utilizing more than 16 utility rebate programs, designed to promote energy efficiency through the introduction of new technologies, Rooms To Go's LED conversion project presented an investment payback in less than 12 months.
In late February, Walmart selected energy-efficient LED lighting by Cree to illuminate its Neighborhood Market store in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin. Walmart estimates the retrofit will save the company about 30 percent in energy costs compared to interior fluorescent lighting.
Press Release dated February 28, 2013

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