Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chevron Energy Solutions Joins with City of Dublin on First Comprehensive Solar and Energy Efficiency Action Plan in the Tri-Valley

Chevron Energy Solutions has signed an energy services agreement with the City of Dublin to overhaul City infrastructure and install solar energy arrays, all aimed at reducing the City's future utility costs for decades to come. In total, the City anticipates the program will generate more than $14 million in savings over the next 25 years, dollars that can be redirected toward enhancing City services. 

The energy services agreement establishes the City of Dublin as the first in the Tri-Valley to launch an aggressive and comprehensive energy action plan aimed at reducing the City's carbon footprint by upgrading facilities and infrastructure. By financing the program using anticipated energy savings, and with Chevron Energy Solution's help in capturing more than $650,000 in expected solar incentives and rebates, the City would not need to invest any capital dollars to implement the transformative program.
In addition to installing photovoltaic solar arrays at all City facilities to offset energy usage, the City will replace approximately 3,000 streetlights with efficient LED lighting technology, which is expected to produce better light quality and result in lower ongoing utility and maintenance costs. Other improvements include upgrades to interior and exterior lighting at City facilities, the pump and filtration system for the City's pool, and the air circulation systems at the City's Civic Center and Library.
Chevron Energy Services via PRNewsWire www.PRNewsWire.com
Press Release dated September 10, 2012

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